• tema2020

Friday 10th January 2020, 11:09am

Can I hold you with my breath? If only for a second or two? My distance will matter, but does the angle? When my lungs inevitably collapse, I’ll have to let you down. Maybe that’s not so bad. For me to survive, you’ll have to fall. As I draw a breath, and fill my lungs again, you will start your descent. These unreliables will be erased, and only then, I’ll write over every smile, like a palimpsest. Over every colour, the blacks and the whites, places known and those unknown, times long gone or just passed by, together or alone. The past will then pile up, on the floor at my feet. What to do now with these memories? The futility is palpable, and I will not stop until I hyperventilate. I’ll collapse, but I will pick myself up and do it all again. I'll be dragged away before I stop. I will collapse, and collapse and collapse again. HH