• tema2020

Friday 27th December 2019, 10:51am

By abstracting an image, we can sense the fragmentation of our reality being visually represented. Fragmented worlds can only be represented (perhaps) in a fragmentary way or be presented as abstract. For abstract is all that a disjointed experience can be (unmoored from any linear narratives or any clear determinacies). To this end a lived experience of a divided and displaced past can be visualised through abstraction, be it a photographic, a filmic, painterly or other re-presentation of it.

For so long I had a different image of you, and all along the way you lived was a misrepresentation of the real you: this was what circumstances had made of you, and everyone would see this eventually. This temporary non-you would pass, and you would return to who you really were before you arrived here. I suddenly realised you have been this for decades. I suddenly saw what has happened to your body, your teeth, your language and I was saddened by the reality of who you have been all along, the abstract existence you have led and toll it has taken on you. the three parts of you need one another to exist, there, here and time. For, without a there you cannot be here and without a here you cannot long for there and without the time in between there is no distance…


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