• tema2020

Friday 27th December 2019, 2:06pm

What if the grinding of the image plaster is repeated over and over with the same photo?

As in, pour plaster onto a pic. Let it dry. Take the plaster off and grind it down, mix with water and pour on another photo of the same image. And keep repeating with the same amount of plaster. Don’t add any new plaster to it.

Something about this circuitous and repetitive action is strong. It is a compulsion to heal a particular event. Over and over the action fails. With each iteration something in the plaster changes. The image looks different but the issue remains the same. The event can not be returned to or mended.

Reliving the event by the material remaining the same as what was started with. No new plaster. No new information. Nothing new. Same act over and over

• This will need one image but printed at least 10 or 20 prints thereof

• Plaster

• Mortar and pestle

• Camera and tripod