• tema2020

Saturday 28th December 2019, 6:37pm

David Horvitz

A broken glass thrown into the Seine river to become sea glass at some point in the future.

I think about sea glass so often and this work really articulates ideas I’ve been having. Sometimes it’s frustrating when you realise another person has had the same idea and done that work you thought you were thinking of but this work just makes me really happy. There are so many abstract and visible connections between what we do and as I read more about him it’s just like 🤯. I think maybe I’ll make this work, after David...

I had another idea earlier this year to get a cement mixer and put the broken glass yellow circle in it with sea water and sand and turn it into sea glass... it wasn’t quite the right idea though..

• history

• anticipating the passing of time

• use of the sea as a tool

• a gesture

• highlighting time

• cat in box / leaf in forest idea - it’s still there