• tema2020

Saturday 4th January 2019, 9:52am

Just finished reading Jas and GC’s entries of the past day and some things are becoming very clear. I love the way everyone in this group thinks and writes. I think we are onto something now with the way we are responding to the other’s thoughts (if not experiments). G’s mum’s photo of the door, and how she remembers the figures I was using in 2nd year. Jas’ thoughts on perception and proprioception in regards to the escalators and our sense of movement and feelings throughout the world. All of Cal’s thoughts and experiments around breath are all so poetic, poignant and relevant.

I also thought about what G was saying about wind and the fires. It is heartbreaking to think of all the animals and the last thing they see as the fires approach. I think that is a powerful way to look at what can be said (artistically) about the devastations and to really resonate with anyone who cares about life. I did have an afterthought about what wind is (thinking of Jas) that wind moves and in this instance it has carried haze from the fires. It has memory and a past and with it come stories we most often don’t know anything about but maybe we sense it. Perhaps almost in a synaesthesia like manner, a smell takes you to a memory but not yours...the wind’s. Giulia, maybe you can bring the air from where you are in a jar, and keep it trapped. Or perhaps each day the air can be trapped in a jar knowing it is an archive of the world you live in? HH