• tema2020

Saturday 4th January 2020, 8:17pm

Notes on breath:

• When you become aware of your own breath it is difficult to maintain a normal pace of breathing

• The desire to blow out birthday candles on a cake with one breath but the difficulty to do so

• When I’m swimming I breathe on every second stroke, however when I find myself distracted by the light and shadows on the bottom of the pool or by the sediment that’s settled I can hold my breath for much longer

• There is a general understanding that if you take 3 deep breaths you will be calmer in a situation

• When it’s cold outside and the air is moist, and the warm moisture in your breath condenses into tiny droplets of water that appear like a small, misty cloud. (Ref: LOC)

• When the freeze hit the U.S. I remember reading about how people’s breath was freezing before them.

• At work when I’m unpacking deliveries some of the art materials are packaged with inflated sachets of air to protect the goods in transit. To dispose of the them you tear them down the centre and all the air is released into the shop. I often wonder where the air has come from and once I had a horrible vision of an old woman in a factory breathing into the sachet. I was reminded of this when reading Giulia/Hootan’s ideas of GC bringing down a jar of Noosa air. (Not in a bad way) JS