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Saturday 4th January 2020, 9:24am

More from the journey by John Marsden


(Not so much the first line)

But it’s storms that give me reason

And darkness that strengthens my sight


did you plummet, cold hard stone

or were we with you

so you were held?

flying not falling.


the rocks were wet with water

And a poem by Gracia Habby and Louise Jennison

The lines

And I did so knowing that you were my eyes,


I was stationary, and yet I was leaping,

I was warm and yet I was a stone

Focus on a shared perception, or a sense of knowing another can take care of using their senses on your behalf for a little while - seems to resonate with the project we’re currently working on.

Emphasis on a stone, being a central contradicting character in this poem as well as in

Watering the Stones

by Mary Oliver

Recognises agency where it’s not often known to be

‘Every summer I gather a few stones from the beach and keep them in a glass bowl.

Now and again I cover them with water,

and they drink.

There’s no question about this;

I put tinfoil over the bowl, tightly,

yet the water disappears.

This doesn’t mean we ever have a conversation, or that they have the kind of feelings we do, yet it might mean something.

Whatever the stones are, they don’t lie in the water and do nothing.

Some of my friends refuse to believe it

happens, even though they’ve seen it. But a few others—I’ve seen them walking down the beach holding a few stones, and they look at them rather more closely now.

Once in a while, I swear, I’ve even heard

one or two of them saying “Hello.”

Which, I think, does no harm to anyone or anything, does it?’ GC

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