• tema2020

Saturday 4th January 2020, 9:54am

I woke up and had a look at day one - which I keep trying to call one day (very different meaning -Jas pointed out earlier)

And read Hootan and Jas’ entries,

I like Hootan’s suggestion/question to bring with me a jar of air from here, or begin to archive air in a way. I looked around for a jar and wondered at if it would hold significance as to which type of jar it was- what it held before?

I thought of Cal’s deflated balloons (re-occurring thought - want to draw them) and that, in blowing up a ballon here, it would be my breath, drawn from the air here, but very visibly - like an hour glass, the balloon would gradually loose this breath - a temporary, elastic container shrinking as it is unbelievably porous.

This brings together loss and memory and breath, porousness, glass, sand and time - these seem to be some of the foundations of this project.

(Not meant as a generalisation, just a thought I had while writing) GC