• tema2020

Tuesday 7th of January 2020, 3:59pm

In relation to one of Hootan’s way of searching through erasure and addition to family furniture and photography- I’ve asked my mum if I can look through our photos, as she’s kept quite a good archive, though she’s mid-reorganising and said she’d help set me up to look at them when it calms down a touch from the new year peak and shop staff sick/ and one leaving out of the blue. As I’m also working and covering some of these shifts I’m eager but good to wait a few days.

Am thinking of sand as a material that is pertinent to our location/identity the enormity of my dad moving from an Italian suburb seveso, near Milan, to Noosa in his late 20’s - a big climate and culture shift has shaped and informed his life and in turn that has poured into my perception and I’ve even moved to where Italian culture is most prominent in Australia.

Looking through my mum’s archive of family photos - in the process of scanning some that stand out in some way and then going to go through the scanned ones and find a reoccurring link for why instinctively I chose to scan them - include them. GC