• tema2020

Wednesday 1st January 2020, 1:11pm

Plastic resembling little clover weed (was sitting there, perviously displaced) rock standing out in our garden, Poinciana flower from a tree which I propagated while in primary school, then I didn’t know they were also called by the name ‘flame tree’ which seems like a pertinent contradiction right now.

(I know it’s for their colour, but the name seems to take on a different meaning for me in relation to all the bush fires) language and words/ names / phrases taking on connotations from events recently or currently occurring locally or globally. Thinking of everything that has accumulated around and in languages, meanings coming from events that have been lost or persisted through generations - weak signs Boris Groys

An ad w Rebel Wilson for audible w the slogan ‘make reading great again’ doesn’t particularly have a positive association.

My bike being stolen had be thinking about locks much more than I ever though I would.

How we experience events and what language surrounds them attaches itself to future instances - in a way reactions are being mapped and formed prior to events occurring. GC