• tema2020

Wednesday 1st January 2020, 1:22pm

John marsden transcript from The Journey on light:


When there’s a lot of light you don’t notice the dark. When there’s a lot of dark you always notice the light.

- this morning I was trying to draw the light from the changing sunrise w my fountain pen, I ended up drawing the lightest areas in dark blue ink as that is what I was noticing.

Shade signing a safe path home for feet, the shade and sun determine the speed at which I walk or run barefoot on bitchumen roads.

In relation to Hootan’s compulsion to heal: materials that represent transition, healing etc. such as kelp, plaster and so forth which both transition in physical states and have symbolic meaning.

I’ve been thinking of what my own healing/ transitional materials and methods are,

Walking barefoot here allows me to feel more connected to the place I knew growing up, no longer living here, it’s one of the things that helps me feel at home. I often always burn my feet though, in an attempt to run from one patch of shade to the next it’s inevitable that some distances end up being too long, and so the comforting feeling is paired with physical pain. Yet I repeat this regularly each summer.

I use tape, specifically painters tape, a lot - to contain, protect, hold, support, fix - each of these verbs have qualities that can restrain, or aid. Tape takes the form and even texture of the surface it fixes to, and is a temporary support able to be removed easily as well - allowing it a provisional quality, easily movable/changeable.

Travel between homes, between here and Seveso Italy, between here and Melbourne - as material - the change in perspective / perception

Collecting shells from the beach, kind of ritual

Writing GC